I’m Connaire, otherwise going by ‘Concentric’ online, with my background being in what some consider fringe sports, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing and Tricking – managing to gain competitive success within martial arts, including amateur world championships, with the plan to further the involvement in these areas with a sports performance degree. It was never my initial plan to get involved with esports. However due to medical reasons, I changed my focus within my degree and started to look closely within esports from a sports performance perspective. With this work spanning multiple areas, I was able to finish my degree with a 1st, while opening my eyes to some of the finer details of esports.

Recently I have been involved with amateur esports coaching, tournament organisation, production and reffing, alongside opportunities working within UKLC teams as a performance coach to help optimise performance strategies within professional players.

Currently I am in the process of enrolling on the esports MA course at Staffordshire, looking to continue focusing on the sporting elements of esports, although currently the exact topics I want to explore are still being decided upon! Alongside this, it has become apparent that there are still barriers to participation within the esports industry, and I am involved in some projects with tournament organisers to devise a way these can be mitigated and esports can be as accessible as it should be for all.

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