MA esports: Staffordshire Uni

MA esports: Staffordshire Uni

We are at a very exciting time in esports as a research area. Now that the first cohorts of students with esports degrees are graduating from many institutions globally, we are seeing esports establish itself as an academic discipline in its own right. This MA is positioned at the centre of this developing area of study, designed to explore how the esports sector has emerged as a leader in the globalised digital media landscape.

Focusing on the developments in this rapidly changing space, and using a varied set of case studies this MA will help you examine the strategies employed by organisations working in esports, giving you opportunities to craft your own innovative responses to the latest practices.

The esports industry is at the cutting edge of latest trends in games, sports, and digital media and we are looking for innovative, interdisciplinary minds, not exclusively from esports backgrounds, who understand the value of being able to use esports as a lens, through which to explore shifts in society about the way people spend their time and their money, the way people consume and produce media and the way in which we regulate and govern the global online space.

On successful completion of study, we will issue the following award: MA Esports

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This course will allow you to explore the co-creative relations of esports audiences, participants, and organisations, encourage you to become an expert in managing these emerging digital media practices, and give you a critical understanding of the underpinning of the global economics of esports so you can lead ongoing conversations surrounding the role, scope, and influence of the industry, and apply what you find to wider societal infrastructures.

Choosing to study at our London or Stoke-on-Trent campus, you will have access to resources such as the esports arena in London or the Epic Games Centre in Stoke-on-Trent. Having access to both campuses, you will be able to draw upon the academic expertise in areas including media, journalism, production, events, coaching and business, giving you a range of directions and plenty of choice in terms of supervision. There is also opportunity to carry your MA research forward onto a doctoral programme.


  • Research Methods and esports data 
  • Global Esports 
  • Livestreaming
  • Virtual Economies
  • Esports Final Project  from