Working towards a more positive, family-friendly esports sector

Working towards a more positive, family-friendly esports sector


A partnership of two friends with a shared vision for a more inclusive, family-friendly esports environment has resulted in the launch of JED Gamez. Director Jack Kilby explains …

During the first lockdown I called my friend – Jacob – and pitched to him the vision of creating a gaming brand together. With his endearing personality and my love for business, I knew we had a recipe for success. Particularly given the fact we have great synergy in our love for gaming. That was the moment Jacob became JED and we began our mission to create – and entertain- a positive community of gamers for all ages.

The vision for JED Gamez is to entertain and connect young people through each of our social media platforms. The ability to connect young people to positive-minded peers is our primary goal. Having both grown up without our fathers in our lives, Jacob and I know first hand how that feels and can leave many young people feeling isolated. We are on a mission to help alleviate that feeling of isolation.

We are also striving to make gaming more accessible for all. Our  ‘Conscious Consoles’ initiative has been created to allow people to donate their Old Gen consoles onto someone less fortunate when they upgrade to Next-Gen.

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