Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson (19) aka @Elix, is a first-year psychology student at the University of Roehampton. He currently plays Valorant for the Roehampton Vespas and has previously won the Phoenix League as part of an amateur team playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

How did you first become interested in esports?

When I was younger I used to be very into FIFA and Call of Duty, playing them both all of the time with my brothers and my cousins. I remember when I was around 14, I was then introduced to actual computers and PC games like CS:GO. That’s around the time when I really became involved in competitive esports and started following it a lot. Since then I’ve been heavily involved in the esports gaming world.

I have good aim and movement in-game and know how to use both of these to my advantage.

Which games do you most enjoy playing?

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive has always been my favourite game ever since I first played it to be honest. The game has a great balance between mechanical skill and tactics and as a whole, it is a really easy game to follow which was a bonus to me as I was a new PC player when I first started the game. At the moment however, Valorant is my top game I would say and after 3 or 4 months of playing on the Valorant team at my university, I have now been lucky enough to now take on an admin role for the team.

What are your top skills?

As the In-Game Leader (IGL) for our Valorant team, I’d like to say that I’m pretty confident in my ability to create strategies and communicating. I know how to adapt and react to different situations in-game. Mechanically, I would say that I am fairly decent as well. I have good aim and movement in-game and know how to use both of these to my advantage.

What is your dream job within esports?

That would have to be competing at a professional level. As unrealistic as that may be for a lot of people, I would love to pursue it if I got the opportunity. I would also happily go into something like commentating or coaching – even analysis within a team or something where I could be involved in events.

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