Jade Cavanagh

Jade Cavanagh

Jade Cavanagh (@cavade) is a 20-year-old criminology student in her final year at the University of Roehampton. Jade is one of the first in Europe to receive the Women in Esports Scholarship and is now working with partners outside of the university who encourage women to get involved in the gaming industry and esports community.

How did you first become interested in esports?

Growing up, I would always play my PlayStation 3 or my Nintendo devices. I wasn’t really interested in PC gaming at all back then. This term at uni however, I went along to the esports arena with my flatmates and was introduced to the community. My partner helped me to set up all of my accounts and everything and encouraged me to give PC gaming a go. It was the overall support from everyone that made me want to pursue it further.

“…gaming is all about the social aspect and having fun”

Which games do you most enjoy playing?

In September when I first started gaming properly, Valorant was the first game I got stuck in to. I don’t compete at all, so gaming is all about the social aspect and having fun with friends for me. Valorant is also easy to understand so I love that about it. I’m very into casual games so lately I’ve been playing a lot of Among Us which is slowly becoming one of my favorite games too.

What are your top skills?

My top skills would be teamwork and communication. I have to use these quite often, both in my university roles and in-game, so I’ve developed them pretty well over the years. They are also pretty useful skills to have in general too so I’m pretty proud of them.

What is your dream job within esports?

Despite being a criminology student – as I become more and more invested in esports – I’m now opening up to the possibility of working in the industry. Maybe doing something like events or PR or marketing, as I have experience in that field too.

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