Thomas Sloan

Thomas Sloan

Liverpudlian Thomas Sloan (@DeltaBacon1) is the founder of the esports division at the Nottingham Trent University Gamer Society. He recalls his biggest achievement to date as producing one of G2 Sports‘ pro events for Rainbow Six Siege this past summer.

How did you first become interested in esports?

I fell into it pretty much by accident to be honest. I tore my ACL whilst playing rugby and couldn’t compete athletically for a while. At the time the BELONG gaming area was still around in Nottingham and I found myself competing in their rocket league tournament during the autumn split as I had nothing else to do really. I signed up thinking it would be a laugh on got put on the team as a sub and we actually did very well and got through to the quarter-finals. We also managed to win some prize money and I guess I just caught the esports bug from there.

“I created Nottingham Trent esports Team knowing nothing about esports”

Which esports games do you most enjoy?

Well I don’t really compete anymore, I’m mostly working so I’m on the other side of the game now but I do still have a soft spot for Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League. I only recently got into Overwatch too as I was producing a lot on the game and thought why not give it a go. I remember the first game I ever played though, was Red Alert and that was when I was about 4 or 5 back in 1999, so a long time ago. I used to play it with my dad on our Windows 95. Games have also developed a lot more since then thankfully.

What would you say are your top skills?

I enjoy the production side of esports a lot so I’m fairly well organised when it comes to that, I’ve also had a lot of voice training so that I am now fairly clear with my voice which you really need to be when it comes to casting. I would also say that I am extremely self-motivated. I created Nottingham Trent Esports Team knowing nothing about esports – I had Google Sheets, Facebook, and Discord and that was all. From that, My friends and I managed to create and register 17 teams for our first season, all within the space of about 2 weeks.

What is your dream job within esports?

With esports there are so many potential roles about there being it’s an ever-growing industry and with me, I love both producing and casting so it’d be so hard for me to have to choose between the two. One of the routes that aligns with my academic qualifications however is operations, so I’d love to fit somewhere in that area. Not only would I be able to have an influence on the casting and producing but I would also have the responsibility for wider brand control and being able to have more of an impact.

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