Laurajane Watson

Laurajane Watson

Laurajane Watson (18) is a first-year Media Production student at London South Bank University. She has loved gaming ever since she was six years old and has recently joined the team SouthbankGaming (SBG). 

What got you interested in esports? 

I’ve always been interested in gaming, ever since I received a pink Nintendo DS for my 6th birthday. As much as I am super girly in every other part of my life, I can be very competitive, and I get a lot of enjoyment from multiplayer games. My friends and I enjoy esports as a way to stay in contact, especially as they are miles away at different universities. I’m not the best player, but having fun is all that matters!

“My friends and I enjoy esports as a way to stay in contact”


I really enjoy watching people playing Fifa, as its quite engaging, and the customisation elements of the game are very advanced and fun. I also really enjoy Super Smash Bros as I’ve always had a massive love for the Mario Franchise. Boo/King Boo is my favourite character!

Top skills

Teamwork is one of my assets as I love to communicate and share victories with others. I’m also very good at planning ahead for any kind of situation so this allows me to stay alert and focussed during gameplay.

Dream job

I would love to be part of the game design aspect as I’ve always been fascinated with how games look. The fact that games can be so realistic looking or completely abstract amazes me. To be a designer wouldn’t even feel like a job, and that feeling is exactly what I think everybody should strive for in a career.

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