Joshua Thakar

Joshua Thakar

Joshua Thakar (18) is from Essex and is a first-year Media Production student at London South Bank University. He hasn’t taken part in an esports tournament yet but looks forward to competing with the newly-formed team southbankgaming (SBG) in 2021.

What got you interested in esports? 

From a young age, making my mates break controllers, making them cry in front of everyone in PlayStation parties and bringing them to a point where they hated the game because of me, bought me a great sense of satisfaction… Nah I’m kidding, not about my mates breaking controllers because of me, but the actual reason I got into games is because of all of the great memories I have from my childhood. As time went on and I grew older, I started to watch some Esports and was extremely intrigued at how people could play virtual
games and gain a huge amount of traction in an event that is being live-streamed to millions of viewers worldwide.

“I got into games because of all the great memories I have from my childhood”

Which games do you play? 

I have been through many phases, but the one game that has stayed constant throughout my life is Fifa. I started playing Fifa with my dad at the age of 6 on the PlayStation 1 and then 2, and ever since then, I have purchased the game every year. I once really enjoyed playing Call of Duty, back in the Black Ops 2 and 3 days, with my mates on Search and Destroy but within the last few years, I have started to play Rocket League quite a bit, especially with my younger brother.

What  are your top skills?

I believe that my top skills would be communication, confidence, teamwork and problem solving. Esports would benefit me as I could enhance my communication and teamwork skills in particular, as there is always room for improvement.

What’s your dream job?

Although as a child, gaming was my life, and as much as I love playing certain games now, if I was offered any job within the esports community, I would definitely choose to be a commentator. I like analysing games, and voicing my opinions on topics that I am interested in.

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