Charlie Scrase

Charlie Scrase

Charlie Scrase, from Buckingham, is a third-year Journalism student at London South Bank University. He has loved video games ever since he was a young boy and has recently joined the new Southbank Gaming Team. 

What got you interested in studying esports? 

I would say the community looks to be going places and has lots of camaraderie associated with it. I’ve watched lots of esports on YouTube and twitch, and have been fascinated to see how everything works. Moreover, esports is a growing industry which is only going to get bigger so why not get involved and try something. My interest in esports also stems from being a gamer and I’m interested to see where it could take me.

“My dream job in the community would definitely be a commentator “

Which esports games do you most enjoy? 

I enjoy Rocket League and FIFA as these are both games that play to my favourite gaming genres which include sport simulators and racing which I have a great fondness for. I have played online multiplayer on Call of Duty but had limited success with it. So, I generally stick to genres of games that I’m comfortable with. However, it doesn’t mean id be against learning a new game as I’d find that exciting and a challenge.

What would you say are your top skills?

I’d have to say that my top skills are mainly strategy as I like to look at a situation within a game and think what can I do about it, and how am I going to play a certain strategy depending on which game I am playing. I’d say my other top skill would be that I can think on my feet and maintain a sense of calm, which I believe to be a quality which is essential for esports but also nice to have within a team as a whole.

What’s your dream job within esports?

My dream job in the community would definitely be a commentator as I like the esports scene and like to comment and look at how people are playing the games, but to also provide viewers with extra information to keep their attention but also entertain them at the same time. I also think it would be a lot of fun and I’d also get to interact with lots of people and also get to
properly integrate with the community and see how the community works as a whole.

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