AJ Martinez IGN Aritez

AJ Martinez IGN Aritez

Drama student AJ Martinez IGN Aritez (@AritezTV), is currently in his first year at the University of Roehampton. The 19-year-old currently plays for university esports team the Roehampton Vespas and has gone from being a sub to a main player in the space of three months.

How did you first become interested in esports?

Ever since I was little, I’ve also enjoyed playing video games. From having a GameBoy to building a pc, I’ve always had games around me. My interest in gaming pretty much grew from there, I went from casual gaming to competitive gaming and that was where I first discovered esports. If I remember correctly, I think the first esports title I found was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when I was 12, a game I’ve enjoyed ever since.

When Valorant came out, it was honestly the most fun I’d had in years

Which esports games do you enjoy the most?

Definitely Valorant – 100. I switched to Valorant from playing CSGO because the updates just didn’t give me the nostalgic feel anymore. I still play occasionally, but I don’t find it very enjoyable anymore. When Valorant came out, it was honestly the most fun I’d had in years. I also feel as though the hit registry is more accurate in Valorant too as it’s a lot better at registering headshot kills. There were so many times I’d be in disbelief because a headshot wasn’t registered on CSGO.

What would you say are your top skills?

Team morale is a very important attribute to have and it’s one that I think I do a very good job on consistently. When playing matches in the NSE or NUEL, my teammates always say that I laugh too much, even when things are going south or when we’re just talking in general. I think that’s just part of what makes me a positive character to be honest! Since September 2020, I have played esports games literally every day and as a result, my aim has improved which is always a bonus. I would say that I am also very adaptable. I enjoy changing my in-game sensitivity often but it doesn’t stop my judgement and reaction time.

What is your dream job within esports?

It would definitely be to become a content creator. I actually have a YouTube channel so I do this already – I just need to become more active and begin putting more effort into it.

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