Luke Snellings

Luke Snellings

Luke Snellings (TwitchLukesne1) is a 19-year-old, originally from Basingstoke in Hampshire. Although only in his first year of the esports course at the University of Chichester, Luke has previously competed in a PUBG tournament organised by Twitch and their streaming partners, where he ranked in the top 100 of South England.

What got you interested in studying esports?

Growing up all I ever did was play games. It started off on my little GameBoy years ago, then I had PlayStations 2, 3 and 4 before eventually moving to PC a couple of years ago. I think having my PC made me love the esports world even more. Then when I went to college, I studied a media course where we had to do game design within the gaming module. I instantly knew that was what I wanted to do.  When I came to Chichester for the open day, they were so welcoming. Even my parents who weren’t convinced at the start said to me that ‘the course had me written all over it’ and I agreed.

“Initially, I thought I was going to go down the route of commentating”

Which esports games do you enjoy the most?

My main games are CSGO, Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege, those are also the ones I compete with at university on National University Esports League (NUEL) and National Student Esports (NSE). I play a bit of FIFA every now and then too, but I’m trying to focus more on CSGO and Rocket League as I want to get into competitive gaming with them.

What would you say are your top skills?

On First Player Shooter (FPS) games I would say my aim is definitely a big skill of mine and I have improved it so much since I first started gaming. I would also say that my leadership skills are quite strong, I’ve got quite good game sense and I’m motivated. I can always keep a team in high spirits which is important because you need someone in a game that can bring the mood back up if you lose a round. I like to think I’m a positive person who always keeps going and never gives up.

What is your dream job?

I’d love to compete and go professional as an actual player on either Rocket League or CSGO, that is literally my dream. Initially, I thought I was going to go down the route of commentating as I had previously worked at a radio station in my local area and loved it. As a safe/backup option though, I would also love to comment on CSGO tournaments. I’d love to be a host for the game

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