Will Roberts

Will Roberts

Will Roberts is a second year esports student at University of Chichester. He is from Salford, Manchester and got into esports much later than others on his course. He became interested in studying esports when he gained an obsession with the idea of competitive gaming due to his love for SMITE.

What got you interested in studying esports? 

It felt like esports was perfect to me because it only judged people on their merit in their field of expertise, whether that was playing the game, analysing it, or telling its story, which for someone with conditions that makes them feel disadvantaged physically, it is great. Fundamentally anyone can be a part of esports regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or age.

“I love helping people with problems they can’t seem
to overcome by themselves”

Which esports games do you most enjoy? 

Personally, I enjoy SMITE the most to play and watch, but for purely entertainment value CS:GO is close second for me, it’s just really fun to watch.

What would you say are your top skills?

I find it quite tough to say what my top skills are because I would need to be given feedback, so I would go off of my results from assignments. From there I would have to say that my top skills would be post game analysis and picking out what my team did well and poorly and what the enemy team did well and poorly on, so that there is a clear view on what to improve and exploit in the future.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job overall would be to be an esports organisation’s sports psychologist because I love helping people with problems they can’t seem to overcome by themselves. If I can help someone work harder and better then I’d be happy. If I cannot obtain that then I would happily work as a team analyst, preferably in SMITE.

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