Mike Libeccio

Mike Libeccio

Mike Libeccio, (18) also known by his gamer tag @Magick, is a first-year esports student currently studying at the University of Chichester. From his home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Mike started playing Call of Duty competitively in 2017 before taking a break and eventually returning to the game this summer. His team Chichester Challengers recently won the National University Esports League (NUEL) Winter 2020 Sunday Cup, playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

What got you interested in studying esports?

Well, I didn’t actually know it was a course up until not very long ago. I played competitively with someone on Call of Duty (CoD) and he studied here at this university. He told me that I should look into it if it was an area that I loved and was passionate about and encouraged me to do it. When I looked into the course at Chichester more, right away I thought that it looked good and knew that it’s what I wanted to do. In regards to the course as well, it’s not just the playing side of esports which I loved about it as I want to go into the management side of things one day – especially if the playing side of things doesn’t work out.

“Look boys, we can do this … we are only a couple of points down …”

Which esports games do you enjoy the most?

For me, there’s only one game and that’s Call of Duty! I’m a very simple person. It was the first game I ever played. I remember my older brother used to play Call of Duty with his friends a lot, and quite often I’d hop onto his account and play it. I must have been only 6 or 7 at the time which is really bad now I think about it lol. Since then it’s always been the game for me – I could never get bored of it. Whenever I’ve been going through bad times in the past, I just hop on and play a game and I’m instantly in a better mood.

What would you say are your top skills?

I’m a very vocal person when it comes to communicating with my colleagues and teammates. I’d also say I have very strong leadership qualities, especially when playing competitively, I’m very focused on what my team needs to do to come out on top. For example, one time my team was competing in a European Esports Gaming (EEG) tournament and the prize was £2000, we were losing and all my teammates had gone quiet and had their heads down. I was the one in the mindset to stay on task and encouraged them saying ‘look boys, we can do this we are only a couple of points down’. I had to tell one person to do this and another to do something else, literally whatever it took to make sure they didn’t give up.

What is your dream job?

Playing competitive Call of Duty would probably be my ultimate dream job but I know how hard that would be to get into. I’d also enjoy working in the management areas and going into managing teams and events in esports, whether that’s for Call of Duty or a game like League of Legends I wouldn’t mind at all.

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