Garreth Read

Garreth Read

Garreth Read is a 21-year-old student currently in his second year of the esports course at the University of Chichester. Originally from a small town in Hampshire called Lymington, Garreth started off an avid League of Legends player and has worked hard to now achieve ranks at the League of Legends championship.


What got you interested in studying esports?

Well before I started the course, I was playing League of legends and realised how good I was getting so I thought I should start looking into the more competitive side of things like going to rank. My older brother attended the same uni and was a couple of years ahead of me, he told me about the course and it was the first esports course that I had heard about in the UK. I was already heavily interested in video games so it was a straightforward decision for me, I applied and had an unconditional offer 2 months later.

“My top skill? I would say my general ability
to stay calm in games …”

Which esports games do you enjoy the most?

I primarily play League of Legends. At first, I only played for fun but when starting this course I figured I should try to rank up. I admit, I’m not the highest rank but I’ve been grateful to have my classmates and lecturer to help me improve my skills within the game. I also play Tekken, Magic The Gathering Arena and Apex Legends. Other than that I’ve also come to enjoy watching other games such as COD. Thanks to the managing director of the London Royal Ravens and life-long friend of our lecturer Rams, Michael O’Dell (Odee) was generous enough to supply the students of our class tickets to CDL London between Feb 8 and 9, this year. I’ve watched Worlds online but this was the first esports event that I’ve ever gone to in person and I loved it. The atmosphere was amazing! The crowd chanting for their teams, the friendly environment and those tense rounds of search and destroy that can leave you on the edge of your seat.

What would you say are your top skills?

I would say my general ability to stay calm in games. In League of legends, games tend to last 30 minutes at minimum which can feel endless if the game is not playing out in your team’s favour. Though I have had games where I’ve gotten tilted, the majority of the time I can stay calm. Being able to stay calm has allowed me to perform at a constant positive rate.

What’s your dream job?

I’m still yet undecided as to where specifically I want to go within the esports industry. However, I am interested in the idea of being a content creator. I have a strong respect for creative people such as artists, musicians, animators etc. The idea of being able to create something that other people could enjoy is inspiring. In uncertain times like these, I believe we need content creators to help keep us feeling as positive as possible.

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