Dylan Scannell-Clear

Dylan Scannell-Clear

19-year-old Dylan Scannell-Clear (@Scan) is a first-year esports student from Hampshire, South East England, studying at the University of Chichester. Dylan has only recently got into competitive gaming and his biggest achievement to date is the Quake Champions where he placed First Seed in the qualifying round.

What got you interested in studying esports?

In college, I studied for three years on an Extended Diploma Sports course so it was all to do with what people consider to be “real sports” i.e- Football, Basketball, those sorts of sports. During that time, I began gaming as a hobby and just wanted to have fun with it, but when I went to the opening day at this university I saw that there was an esports course. It piqued my interest straight away as I was very aware of the industry itself and it’s growth. It was something I had always paid a lot of interest to. Reading into the course more, it sounds like an incredible opportunity to dive deep into the industry. From there I knew that it would be great for me as I could take everything I learnt in my sporting background and bring it into this unique gaming industry where the two already combine.

“I just want to make a huge impact in esports”

Which esports games do you enjoy the most?

Call of Duty is probably the game I play the most. I feel as though it has been there with me throughout my childhood and the games all have lovely storylines and you can tell there is a great passion behind it all. Alongside that, I would say CSGO, I feel as though it’s got some sort of prestigious skillset where there’s a lot of respect for the players for how in-depth they get. Overall, I do think that the esports community as a whole is incredible. No matter what game it is, there is always that huge community sort of value to it and it’s honestly a unique experience that you won’t get outside of esports.

What would you say are your top skills?

I think that I can be considered as very sociable. I have a lot of confidence in social settings which I know many of my teammates don’t have. I also have a lot of confidence in general. If there is an opportunity, I’ll be confident enough to take it and make sure that I’m doing all that I can to do my best in that situation. My presenting skills are pretty good too, in our classes at University, I would say that I have almost taken the lead on that.

What is your dream job?

Since I was a child, the only answer I’ve ever had to that question is to be “successful”. I don’t really have anything specific in mind in terms of being a player or a manager… I just want to make a huge impact in esports and trying to push the industry as far as it can go.

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