Cian Taylor-Cook

Cian Taylor-Cook

Cian Taylor-Cook is from West Sussex and studies esports at the University of Chichester. He plays in both the NSE and the NUEL in CS:GO, Call of Duty, Fifa and SMITE. He has completed as two EPICLANs and two seasons of ESEA Open

What got you interested in studying esports? 

I originally got into esports through Call of Duty Black Ops 2. My dad got it for me for Christmas. I was drawn to the ranked playlist called League Play, which was the more competitive side of the game. It kept me playing because there was a drive to get to the highest rank (although I never did) and placing higher than my mates in the leaderboards. I was then told about a couple of youtubers called Nadeshot and Scump. These were 2 esports players that also made a lot of content surrounding League play. I’d never heard of esports before and these 2 quickly became my idols and are people I still follow regularly to this day.  Over the years I followed Call of Duty esports and transitioned into CS:GO in 2016. 

“If the industry keeps rising, then there may be a need for a scout in the way that football uses them and that would be my ideal job.”

Playing the competitive sides of games over the more casual side and wanting to win has been with me since the start. This has led to me playing in low level teams with friends and going to events when possible. My dad found an article in the BBC about studying esports and I immediately looked into it to find out more. I wanted to learn more about the industry and to create connections hopefully leading to getting my foot in the door in one way or another. This year on our course we are creating an online event which I’ve been looking forward to since I read the modules and next year, we will be doing a live event. 

Which esports games do you most enjoy? 

I play CS:GO and Call of Duty the most, but also play FIFA. I don’t watch FIFA though as I find it quite boring to watch and just generally not invested into the storylines that you get in sport. I try to watch most top tier events for both CS:GO and Call of Duty. In CS I support Furia as I find them the most entertaining to watch with their aggressive play style. CS is more structured and tactical while COD is controlled chaos and the games are so much faster. This appeals more when I’m watching events and the rivalries are a bit more flary with a lot of trash talking and more theatrics. 

What would you say are your top skills?

I think I’m quite good at noticing what makes a player good and what their flaws are. It’s something I’ve always had an interest in specifically in football. Being able to debate with mates about what makes a player good in which ways and following the young talent before the general public knows who they are. I’m the in-game leader for my University team in CS:GO. This means I call the strategies that we have created beforehand and tweak if necessary. I also try to bring good vibes to keep the team motivated and firing on all cylinders. 

What’s your dream job? 

The dream is to be able to play professionally and be able to live off the wage but realistically I’m not good enough. If the industry keeps rising, then there may be a need for a scout in the way that football uses them and that would be my ideal job. Getting to travel to LANS and events to look for talent for organisations to set up academy’s or second teams.  

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