Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham (Tom) is an esports and sports fan from the East Midlands. Currently, he is approaching his first year in the esports course at Staffordshire University and has also completed the foundation year in this course.

What got you interested in studying esports?

Looking at the course, I felt as though this could be a good way to learn more about the industry and get experience experience in the field. I already had a desire to participate in esports to some capacity in the future, so this allowed me to ‘pull the trigger’ I suppose, and really allow me to begin finding my way into esports.

Which esports games do you enjoy most and why?

I mostly play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which I enjoy for its variety in characters and also the high competitive viability of characters. This means almost any character could theoretically win. However, I also do enjoy the fast paced aspects of Dragon Ball Fighters and Super Smash Bros Melee despite there being somewhat of a small roster of competitively viable characters.


I would say my skills are: adaptability, learning and public speaking. I feel like adaptability and learning sort of go hand in hand. Where I’m able to sort of enter a new situation and learn the ropes pretty easily. In terms of public speaking, I feel like I’m able to drive messages home somewhat easily and ‘read the room’, where in positive scenarios I may be able to amplify that.

Dream job

While I would like to have an organisation, I would really want to be part of an on-screen talent. E.g. casting, analysing and hosting.