Sara Leghari

Sara Leghari
Sara Leghari is going into her second year of esports come September. She was drawn into the creative and managerial aspect of esports whilst studying her degree. This includes content and event planning.
Sara has always known she wanted to be a leader. She found through the multiple projects she’s done in the past, how leading came naturally to her. Within her first year she was able to attend multiple big industry events and represent her University.


What got you interested in studying esports?

I first got interested in esports when I went to an event in LA for Overwatch League. I played a lot when it was a big thing and going there, feeling the hype of the crowd and seeing how the production worked made me want to be part of it, make it happen. I had all these ideas I said at the time like “hmm, well what if that was there or this was done like this” and it made me so excited and passionate about wanting to do it. Then when I left my old uni and found out about this one I thought, hey I want to do this! I really felt a fire burn inside me again. And I was right because I’m in the right place and the best time.

Which esports games do you most enjoy and why?

My favourite games are Overwatch, Call of Duty but most importantly Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. Those square enix games were my life and my soul. They had these themes that I didn’t fully understand when I was little but somehow understood. I was able to appreciate the themes more as I grew older. For example the whole thing around hope in Final Fantasy, hope that the antagonist Sin would be defeated and give peace to the world for the next 7 years. Kingdom Hearts  and the idea of ‘Nobodies’, people telling you that you had no purpose in life. It’s such dark themes but something that resonates with me and my life. Plus they were so magical and the world’s with their theme of escapism. It just takes you to another world.

“It just takes you into another world”



My main skills are things like being able to step outside my comfort zone. I’m able to do things that most people can’t, if I’m given a challenge I’ll do it. It keeps me learning and progressing and that’s why I can learn things so fast. I’d also say communication is a huge strength. I’ve never been at an event or situation in front of people and not been able to speak, take away what people are about and apply it to situations. I’m also very good at public speaking. I think my drive and ability to create new ideas or solve problems on the spot comes from being creative, understand perspectives and being brutally honest. I will say what I think on the spot, I have always worked under stress throughout my life so it comes in handy.

Dream job

I’m not sure what my dream job is. There’s so many things I could imagine myself being but it’s doing something new, inspiring others and being the head of my own business or company I strive to do. Of course, no matter what I do I will apply myself 100%. Whatever job I have I’ll put my all into it and care about my job unlike anyone else, because otherwise what’s the point of working for a place? But my main focus is to do something I can use both my creation and practicality to. Whatever that is, I’m open to do anything and one day maybe it’ll click on what I aim to be. It’s a sham when people say you’re supposed to know because I don’t think those people knew themselves at my age. Very few do and I thought I did multiple times in my life but I was wrong. All I know is Esports was the right decision for me.