Georgie Reeve

Georgie Reeve

Georgie has been involved in esports for almost 7 years. She started by volunteering within Pokémon and their competitive play programme. From there she branched into Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros. 4 & Ultimate. Georgie has worked at large expo events for companies such as Nintendo as a tournament organiser. Her favourite esports team to watch is Virtus.Pro and her favourite game title is StarCraft 2.

What got you interested in studying esports?

I started my course last year – it only started the year before in 2019. I wanted to do it that year but I wasn’t ready for University at the time. But then I got a lot more industry experience over the years. I worked with a lot more games expo such as Nintendo and Pokemon. Working with Pokemon gave me the opportunity to go to Germany, and I was also over in the U.S as well so I went to the North American International Championships. Then I did the World Championships which was in August last year in Washington D.C. So I got a lot more experience last year and I felt a bit more geared up to go into this. I just wanted to come in with an outside perspective on what’s not considered esports and study a degree in esports but bring in Pokemon and the other things that I would have an interest in and normalise that within esports.

Which esports games do you most enjoy and why?

Pokemon is going to be the one I’ll start with first. I think I had my first Pokemon game when I was like three years old so, it’s coming up to nineteen years now that I’ve been involved with it. It was just something I always wanted to just go out there and enjoy because it was something where, when I was at another Uni which was really isolating for me and resulted in me being diagnosed with some mental health issues, coming back from that Uni and and playing this game and staffing at its events really uplifted me. It was just like I had a fog over my head that just kind of lifted. I just remember the first tournament when I came back – it was literally a local level of 30 players there, and I didn’t have a massive position there. But after the event was finished, I just broke down and cried because I was like, I can’t not pursue this.

“It was just like I had a fog over my head

that just kind of lifted”


I think my biggest skill with esports is event organisation and just being involved with setting up events. One of the biggest tests that I ever had was back in 2018 when I was at a regional tournament for Pokemon up in Sheffield. It was the first and only time we had a world level qualifier for pokken tournament, I’ll always remember on the Sunday there wasn’t much organisation for it. I was literally given a tablet, a list of players – which were the senior division, and I was just told, “Right you’ve got this, you’ve got that, now can you go and run it.” And I was like…what?! But it just sort of clicked and I managed to run it seamlessly.

Dream job

One position I’d hope to be on would be on the events team for Pokemon. Like that would be my ultimate dream position, and just working whether it be in the U.K or the U.S or over on the European team, I would just love to be able to work with them to work with venues. I’d love to be part of discussions which would say, “We’re going to play here, we’re going to play there,” or working with the teams to put in and say what judges do we need. I would just love the ability to go and visit new places, meet new people, and just work on making events as smooth as possible.